8 Camille Zimmerman

Camille Zimmerman
usa United States
Small Forward
Current Team

Camille Zimmerman point forward, student athlete extraordinaire, skillful point forward.

Camille Zimmerman is a remarkable student of the game. She is the epitome of student-athlete. A highly skillful player, at 6’1 there’s not much she can’t do, which makes her a very hard guard and impactful player.

She was named to AZ Central All-Arizona Team, small school POY, state champion in 2013 and runner up 2014, #2 ranked 2014 player in AZ, totaled 2,054 pts & 1,047 rebounds for her career.

As a freshman at Columbia, she is averaging 31.6 minutes, 15pga, 7.4rga.  She has been named rookie of the week 3 times in four weeks.