The title, McDonald’s All-American, is one of the most coveted certifications of any high school athlete. It’s an acknowledgement that they have achieved the pinnacle status of their sport, one of the best in the country, a confirmation of all their hard work and dedication. Most of these young student athletes that achieve this success dedicate many hours to getting better and make many sacrifices over the course of their teenage years. It comes at no surprise to see many of them exhausting every resource to be challenged, sharpen their skills and seek out top competition. One of the best opportunities to accomplish these goals is to attend the high octane, positive and challenging environment found at Chris Hansen’s Check Me Out Showcases. 2015 saw 4 camps held at various times throughout the country, (Seattle, NorCal, SoCal & Minnesota). These camps are elite in every aspect, from the training, competition, coaching, and evaluations. Six players of the MCDAA 2016 class attended a Check Me Out camp. Another six or so attended affiliate camps EBA or Keil Moor Fall Showcase. All in all over half of the 2016 McDonald’s All-Americans participated in one or multiple camps.

I’ve been privileged to work the Check Me Out and Keil Moor Fall Showcase camps over the course of the past couple years and am honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many talented young athletes. Some of them I had the chance to workout privately 1on1 or in small groups in extra workouts prior to our sessions or between sessions. Jeannie Boehm is one that has a tremendous work ethic and advanced skills set. We had a great time Sunday morning in Minnesota before the final session, using up the greater part of an hour working on low-mid post and face up offensive moves and pivots. Destiny Slocum is a highly competitive player that will stop at nothing to get better, perfecting primary and counter moves off the dribble. She will spend every extra hour in the gym like she did in SoCal as we worked on her hesitation blow by, freeze jumper and killer cross-over.

I can be reached on my contact page or I’m very selective of the players I choose to do individuals with. I’m looking to help as many as are committed, dedicated and determined.

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