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Thank you letter to the parents a participants.

On Friday, September 13th, Arizona Basketball Central (ABC) hosted it’s 2nd ever event, AESA (Arizona Evaluation & Skills Academy),  the first was a successful spring  AAU regional state tournament.   This 2nd event was a basically a 1st of its kind hosted by a local entity (ABC).  AESA featured a majority of the best college prospective female basketball players from Arizona in a multi-purpose event, that intended to bring visibility to student athlete as well as surround them with great instructors for skill development and coaching.  A total of 75 players made it out for the evaluation and skills academy, three players from Colorado and a player from Las Vegas, NV. also made the trip down.  The groups were split into two separate divisions (upper and under- class) for competitive and logistical purposes.

The staff of instructors included  Dymond Simon (former high school MD’s all-american, PAC12 point guard for ASU and WNBA player for the Mercury), Carolyn Moos (owner/founder Fit For Living Life, former WNBA player, Stanford player and USA jr. national team participant), James Parker (owner/founder, recruiting analyst, former advance WNBA scout), Keil Moore (recruiting analyst,  formerly HoopGurlz), Don Bouge (owner/founder A Better Athlete, Arizona’s representative for Alan Stein’s Stronger Team Nation),  Dana Hawkins (Director, HC Bluestar Arizona), Ray Burd (one of the original founders AZ Elite in 1996).

Julie Kresl was present for Valley Rehabilitation Associates to provide athletic training, provided photography and video and Chad Groth evaluated and covered for AreaCodes Basketball.


Each participant was provided in depth instruction and professional analysis through 4 total hours of intense on court skill work, over 60 minutes of competitive play and 45 minutes of chalk talk.

Players came away with renewed energy for the game, greater confidence, increased basketball IQ and an overall great experience.  The feedback has been astounding, parents and participants expectations were exceeded!

Ben Boyd  SEC
  1. Mary Eckenrode #9
  2. Erika Hinkle #48
  3. Kimayah Love #38
  4. Maya Banks #53
  5. Caitlin Bickle #58
  6. Taylor Chavez #63
  7. Alexis Hand #1
  8. Ozaria Fisher #0
  9. Tyra Euell-Long #56
James Parker  PAC 12
  1. Kendall Perry #23
  2. Quynne Huggins #26
  3. Armani Hawkins #21
  4. Monay Mariscal #30
  5. Hadley Nelson #22
  6. Maya Moore #42
  7. Grace Baranowski #5
  8. Ellie Waters #59
Keil Moore  ACC
  1. Noell Kellers #25
  2. Casey Wortley #2
  3. Sara Nichols #28
  4. Lauryn Satterwhite #51
  5. Sierra Gallego #55
  6. Jessie Pressler
  7. Alexis Todd #18
  8. Maddy Sulka #8
Kristy Wallner  BIG EAST
  1. Melody Medlock #54
  2. Xandra Miller #45
  3. Addie Buzas #31
  4. Brenna Doyle #57
  5. Madison Vick #62
  6. Lauren Donahue #50
  7. Lynsey Bentley #40
Dana Hawkins  BIG 10
  1. Kylee Davis #61
  2. Treyanna Clay #29
  3. Cerena Reeves #34
  4. Chante Church #3
  5. Kelsey Miranda #37
  6. Kylie Mack #7
  7. Makayla Vick #52
  8. Payton Whitmore#43

PAC 12 vs. ACC

SEC vs. PAC 12

PAC 12 vs. ACC

SEC vs. BIG 10